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Sorry for the silence

I’m in the greenhouse a lot these days, and it’s been hard to find the time or motivation to update the blog! Sorry…

I did want to note that we’ve been very busy the last few weeks and that the herb table has been getting hammered. Thank you! And also, drat– I’ve so much replanting to tackle now! It makes it seem like we’re sold out of things, but over the next week I’ll be filling in the gaps with a younger crop so that there’s still a very full selection available all summer. I’m not updating the availability list, since for most temporarily sold out things there is plenty more on the way; if in doubt or looking for specific varieties, feel free to call the greenhouse. (814) 364-2881. I’m there six days so whoever answers the phone will check with me.

I’m hearing from a lot of people that they lost lavender, roses, and other perennial herbs this winter, as it was so much colder than normal. In my old garden at my mother’s house, a lot of things have not come back. BUT there are also tiny green shoots appearing much later than usual on plants that otherwise look dead. So if you think your lavender/other herbs are dead, check them very carefully, because they might surprise you. If you notice signs of life, go ahead and prune back the dead growth to give the new stuff a better chance, cross your fingers, and be extra vigilant about watering and fertilizing when they wake up all the way. :)

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Getting ready for Spring!

Hello! We’ve been hard at work in the greenhouse since December prepping this year’s crop. Feel free to visit our Facebook page to see cool behind the scenes photos!

I’ve been working on the herb table the past week. Most of the 4″ pots are planted now. Next up: small pots of seeded  herbs, and bigger pots of rosemary, lavender, lemon verbena, and scented geraniums.



My next big task will be to update the variety list for this year. O_o Always an endeavour.

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Herb list updated

I’ve updated the herb list to give a better overview of what’s sold out and added a new color code to show what we’re getting low on– if you want these, best hurry! There’s only one or two plants left in some cases.

We still have a great herb selection, with much more available than is usual for this time of year. I planted extras of many things that we normally sell out of (like French tarragon and rosemary), so there’s still plenty to choose from. There’s still time this summer to plant herbs in your garden and have them root in well enough to survive the winter! I’ve planted in September & October and had everything come back.

If you’re limited on garden space or are just looking for something temporary, I’m also periodically making up new planter combinations. There are plenty of great mixed herb planters in different sizes, on sale ranging from $4.99 to $15.99! These are great to keep & use yourself or to give as gifts. They’re chock full of tasty and beautiful herbs. (Someday I’ll share photos. I’m currently out of state on a borrowed computer!)

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer!

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Seeded herbs

Last week I seeded a variety of herbs directly into little pots; they’re coming up nicely, so I’ve added them to the list. (This brings this year’s selection up to 96 different herbs! I think we’ll make it to 100, though. I have a few miscellaneous lavender that I just planted, and there are some seedlings that are being slow & I don’t want to advertise yet.)

I meant to take a picture today and forgot. I was pretty liberal with the seeds, so the pots look really lush and full. And they’re only 99¢ each! Since they were just seeded they are still very small, but I noticed people buying them this weekend regardless.


I’m working on an article about plant names, so expect to see that sometime soon! It’s taking a bit longer than expected simply because I am in the greenhouse so much that I have limited time to work on the blog. (Boo.) Also in the works is a huge master list of herbs– this has been several years in the making, and will contain a wealth of information and photos of varieties I’ve grown over the years. I’m really excited to have all that info in one convenient place, but it has felt daunting to tackle at times!

Pictures soon! Have a nice weekend, all. :)


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