A major undertaking

For a while now I’ve wanted to create a master index of herb species and varieties, which would provide pictures and info for pretty much everything I’ve ever grown. I feel like the blog format can make it hard to find some of this, even if I’ve written about it before.

So! Without further ado, you can now access the Herb Index under the Resources tab in the menu above. It is still in progress; it’s taking me a massive amount of time to write everything up and cull through years of photos. Preliminary entries are up for lavender, rosemary, and scented geraniums. This kind of goes against my nature– I’d much rather share when it’s all 100% perfect and done, but that’s going to take a while!

I’ll also let you know here on the blog whenever I add more entries and pictures. I have a bunch of lavender about to bloom in the greenhouse, so I’m looking forward to updating that section as soon as I can!

Progress as of Friday

Still have lavender & thyme to plant. But! The begonias were cleared off the back of one table this week, giving me room to move the aloe and move/finish planting the scented geraniums.

As I finish planting and become sure that I won’t need additional cuttings from my stock plants, I’m pricing them and putting them out for sale. These are year-old plants in 10″ planters, and at $12.99 or $14.99 (depending on size and variety), they’re a real steal. Get them while they last!

Still planting!

Whew. I’m in the process of planting the 4″ herbs. The end is in sight– just have the lavender and creeping thymes to go!

Last week:

I’m also moving everything off of the far table– the larger pots of lavender, rosemary, etc that I’d already planted. The rosemary will end up on the back of the table, right behind the small pots of rosemary, so that all the different size options are together. Same for a lot of the lavender, although there’s enough of that that the excess will go outside in the perennial section; I think some people look for it there rather than with the herbs.

Herb Table Photo Update

(Pictures from March 27th)

Herb list updated

I’ve updated the Herb List to show what should be available this season. This may change, as I’m still waiting on several shipments of unrooted cuttings and rooted starter plugs, so be sure to check back in April– almost everything will be planted by then, and I’ll make any corrections to the list right before we open. You can check the list now to see what new varieties I’ll be offering by clicking ‘2015 Herb List’ in the menu above. :)

The first planting

Hello! If you’ve been following the blog on the main Sammis Greenhouse website, you’ve seen tons of pictures of all the cuttings we’ve been rooting since December. There are herb cuttings included in that count, and more set to arrive next week. I typically start planting those herbs towards the end of March, but this past week, I got to plant the first herbs of the season a bit earlier than usual.

I’m trying to offer larger size options for lavender, rosemary, and scented geraniums. At the end of each season I save any leftover 4″ pots and extra cuttings for growing into larger plants the next year. It’s been a learning process– I never used to grow enough, and we often ran out, which didn’t leave any leftovers. Now I grow more with the idea that I can start the next year with really super, larger plants.

Getting ready for 2015

Featured Image -- 825


A post from the greenhouse website

Originally posted on Sammis Greenhouse:

Hi all! We’re already hard at work in the greenhouse, getting things ready for the 2015 season. Last year I got a little backed up with sharing photos (by which I mean, I shared none at all); it’s my sincere hope to do a better job of that this year so that everyone can see what goes into growing our great selection of plants. I take pictures of the whole greenhouse every week so that we have a visual record for our own use of where and when things get planted or building projects get completed. Every week from here on out I’ll try to share some of those so that you can see what goes on behind the scenes here at Sammis Greenhouse.

Mid-December, 2014: Our first shipments of around 100,000 unrooted cuttings arrive this time every year. Why so early? With the shorter days and lower temperatures (even…

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